why pride?

Read below to understand all the unique
benefits PRIDE delivers to Florida.

Community Impact

We make communities safer and save taxpayers money through our job-centered approach that
lowers the number of repeat offenders and reduces criminal justice costs for all citizens.

Why reducing recidivism
is so important.

You don't have to be a criminal justice expert to know
repeat offenders are a problem. We often hear about the
"revolving door" of prison. Experts have a term for
this you may have also heard: "criminal recidivism".


pride transition program
recidivism rate

And, of course,
reducing recidivism
has an obvious
direct impact
on reducing crime.

While there is no national standard
for computing recidivism rates, as a frame of
reference, one study by the respected
Pew Center placed the national average at 43%.

Meaning 43% of released prisoners
returned to prison for various reasons
within a few years of release.

Increased crime is linked to unemployment.

How do we reduce recidivism? Numerous studies demonstrate a clear link
between unemployment and increased crime.
Therefore, steady employment is a critical factor in keeping ex-offenders from recommitting a crime.

So, how well does PRIDE do in finding transition program participants
full-time, meaningful, employment?


of pride transition
participants were placed
into full-time jobs in 2018

$ 12.73

per hour is the average starting
wage of transition program
participants, 86% of whom are
placed in full-time jobs

By now, you can probably connect the dots
to see how PRIDE saves Florida's taxpayers money.

Every person that we help stay out of prison
creates a direct savings for Florida taxpayers.

$ 21,750

annual direct cost of incarceration
per inmate in florida fy 2018

5 YR

approximate average
sentence of 5 years

Real Cost of Crime





Medical Costs

Property Replacement

But what about the other costs of crime?

While we would never claim a specific dollar amount, there is no doubt that the
true cost of crime is a lot more expensive than just the cost of incarceration.
There is little doubt as well that PRIDE programs have resulted in
cost avoidance to Florida taxpayers in the millions of dollars.


Community Impact

And of course, since every crime has a victim,
each year we prevent some member of the community
from becoming another victim.

If you are like most people, your thoughts immediately
turn to those you want to keep safe or perhaps someone
that has been a victim in the past;
we all want to do all we can to keep communities safe.

people impact

We train eligible inmates in real-world job skills and assist their transition
into the job market upon completion of their sentences.

So what exactly do we mean
by inmate training?

Think of PRIDE as a vocational program. But instead
of classrooms, we use real factories that produce
real products meeting the quality demands of real
customers. PRIDE offers real certifications as well.
These are not store purchased "certificates of
accomplishment" but, third-party, certified, vocational
training that has market value to potential employers.

Certificates with real value available

Board For
Certified Dental
Technician (CDT)

Welding Society
(Mig. Tig Welding)

Skills Standard
Council (CPT)


& More

And, there is a lot of training.

A diverse group of products equals many opportunities for training in many
different skills and healthy sales allows us to train as many eligible inmates as possible.


occupational titles

PRIDE's diverse training programs offer participating inmates
the opportunity to train in one or more of over four hundred
occupational titles, at every level of complexity and economic demand.

These competency-based training programs have been developed with
input from private industry, educational institutions, and trade associations.
The wide variety of products produced by PRIDE provides training
in many market segments including land management, manufacturing,
engineering, medical, services, printing, information technology
and office administration.


inmates trained through
the pride program


external certifications issued
in 2018


hours worked by pride inmates producing goods
and services for state, city, county,
non-profits, and private sector customers

We don't hire inmates to make products.

We sell products in order to enable the training of inmates.
Therefore, we are always mindful of the ultimate goal-
full-time employment upon re-entry into our communities.

common transferable job skills

Most of the skills learned by inmates are transferable to their after-prison careers.


operations &

optical lens




People Impact

The PRIDE program does not receive
appropriated funding;
it is funded through net proceeds from the sales
of PRIDE products and services.

$ 110,669

paid in victim restitution
during 2018

customer impact

Customers invest in Florida when they purchase
PRIDE products and services by starting the training-to-job cycle.

Diversified is in our name.

We are a collection of industries none of which,
individually, are more than a tiny part of any one
market. Collectively, these industries allow us to
train as many eligible inmates as possible.





Sewn Products




products and services...
and counting






serving over



What do we sell?

It depends who you are.

For our core market of government and
non-profits we offer a diverse group of products needed
to run most any agency or department.

For Office Buildings,
Institutions and Schools

Furniture (including Specialty Furniture for Schools, Detention and Institutions),
Printing, Mailing and Digital Imaging;
Apparel, Footwear and Bedding;
Cleaning Products and Services

For Parks, Fleets and Roads

Outdoor Furniture and Park Accessories;
Treated Lumbers for Roads, Trails and Parks;
Traffic Paint;
Retread Tires;
Heavy Vehicle Renovation

For Healthcare Providers

Optical Laboratory;
Dental Laboratory;
Furniture for Healthcare Environments;
Custom Mobile Clinics

For Contract Holders

Food Processing;
Land Management Operations

And of course, the one item made by
PRIDE all of us most likely own...


the training cycle does not begin
until something is sold.

For that reason, PRIDE is always looking for ways to create new demand so more inmates can be trained.
But we do so with a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure we are facilitating the creation of Florida jobs.

Contract Manufacturing

PRIDE works with contract manufacturers by
manufacturing products to their specifications,
for resale to their customers, under certain conditions.
Primarily we take contracts to "on-shore" a product currently
being made off-shore or to help an early stage venture
incubate a new product until they can produce it on their own.

Distribution Agreements

We are able to assist Florida-based distributors
to sell their private label products, which helps
them to compete with low-cost, off-shore suppliers.

Customer Impact

Customers are the starting point of everything PRIDE does.

We have to compete on price, service and quality
like every other business. But we can confidently say we offer
something no one else in Florida can.

Every time a customer chooses to buy from PRIDE,
they are making an investment in a better Florida.

So, let's sum this up.

PRIDE is a
social enterprise
with an
important mission.

That is to help to make the lives of Floridians better
by improving communities and saving taxpayers
money with programs that are proven to work.

making Florida
a better place to live.

The work we do every day maintains the
cycle of customers, inmate training,
and transition support.

PRIDE offers
customers a
unique benefit.

We allow them to make a difference in Florida
by simply acquiring the products
they need through us.

PRIDE promises Floridians the opportunity to make a
positive impact on their lives, businesses, and communities
when they buy from, support, or work for us.