License Tags & License Plates

The PRIDE Tag & License Plate facility is a high-capacity manufacturing facility with the capability to manufacture 8 million license plates per year.

The industry’s manufacturing activities are centered on license plate production for Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Florida is a fast growing state and an increasing need for license plates is projected in the years ahead. All license plates are manufactured from aluminum with a chromate-free conversion coating and high-quality retro-reflective sheeting and ink. Manufacturing capacity is available for license plate production for federal and state governments, county and city governments and private entities.

The Tag & License Plate Plant and its vendors, work together with the DHSMV in the development of new specialty license plates. In 2014, seven specialty license plates were designed or re-designed, further expanding the variety of specialty tags available to the Florida motorist. In 2014, a bill sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs was passed by the Florida Legislature for the creation of 2 new and the re-design of 9 military services plates. By the end of the first quarter of 2015, the new military service plates became available to the eligible motorist. The front-end plate product assortment has been increased to create more opportunities for organizations to use the plates in fund raising activities across the state.

Recently the plant’s blanking line press was replaced with a Precision Industries 45 ton press equipped with a Wintriss solid state control system. This advanced control system provides an enhanced level of line integration. These advanced features increase line efficiency and provides additional training opportunities for inmate workers in the latest applied manufacturing technologies.

The Tag & License Plate Plant has received numerous awards, including National Corrections Industries Association Awards and State of Florida Davis Productivity Awards.

The Tag & License Plant provides opportunities to its inmate workers to train in vocational skills that can be utilized in the job market upon completion of their sentences. Programs include: Laminating Machine Operator, Embossing Press Setup and Operator, Coating Machine Operator, Shear Operator, Quality Assurance, Inventory Control, Shipping and Receiving, Production Management and Fork Lift Operator.

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