Company Overview
Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises, Inc. doing business as PRIDE Enterprises, is a nationally recognized inmate training company operating, Land Management, Sewn Products, Graphics, Manufacturing, and Services facilities throughout the state of Florida. PRIDE operates 35 training centers providing work and training to inmates in 21 state correctional facilities. PRIDE is a private, not-for-profit corporation founded in 1981, by the state legislature. PRIDE is financially self-sufficient and receives no appropriated funding from government. All programs are operated through sale of goods, with “profits” from work programs being reinvested to further PRIDE's Mission.

PRIDE not only funds and operates inmate work programs, but it offers post-incarceration job placement and support services (i.e. Re-Entry Services) to PRIDE inmates who register for these services. Since 2004, PRIDE’s accelerated funding of transition services has generated impressive solutions and opportunities for thousands of former PRIDE inmate workers. Of particular importance is the fact that ex-offenders are placed in permanent (not temporary) jobs, at a life-sustaining wage.

Under its Victim Restitution Policy, PRIDE pays court-ordered victim restitution on behalf of its workers. Victim restitution funds are a voluntary contribution on the part of PRIDE; a deduction for victim restitution is not taken from the traditional wage of inmate workers.