Governing Laws
Statutory Missions, Florida Statutes (Ch.946)

Serve Security Goals... “To serve the security goals of the state through the reduction of idleness of inmates and the provision of an incentive for good behavior in prison.”

Reduce cost of state government... “To reduce the cost of state government by operating enterprises primarily with inmate labor, which enterprises do not seek to unreasonably compete with private enterprise.”

Provide work training programs and post release job placement... “To provide a joint effort between the department, the correctional work programs, and other vocational training programs to reinforce relevant education, training, and postrelease job placement and help reduce recommitment.”

Simulate a real-world working environment... “To serve the rehabilitative goals of the state by duplicating, as nearly as possible, the operating activities of a free-enterprise type of profit-making enterprise.”

Prison Industry Enhancement Program (PIE)

Federal legislation allows for inmate-produced goods to enter into interstate commerce if produced under a PIECP designated authority. As the PIECP certificate holder for the state of Florida, inmates assigned to these PRIDE industries have the opportunity to earn wages comparable to those paid to free-world workers in the locality of the prison industry. Authorized deductions from wages enable inmate workers to pay restitution to victims and to provide support for their families. In 2018, inmate workers contributed over $112,000 to the State Crime Compensation Fund and paid over $110,000 toward court-ordered restitution and family support.