Personal Fact Sheet

Remember, the information you have written down can be used in
three very important ways:

  1. It may be used to complete a job application form.
  2. The information may be reorganized and used to create your resume.
  3. The information may be referred to during the job interview and should provide the applicant with self-assurance as the interview proceeds.

Information that should be written down:

  1. Name: Last, First, and Middle
  2. Present address: Street or mailing address, city, state, zip code.
  3. Permanent address: Street or mailing address, city, state, zip code.
  4. Telephone number, including your area code. (If you do not have your own personal number, then have one listed where you can be reached and be sure to include the name of the person who may be answering the call.
  5. Your personal Social Security number. (It is advisable to have a photocopy of your Social Security card with you during an actual interview.)
  6. List your height and weight.
  7. Have your date of birth listed, and if possible, have a photocopy of your birth certificate.
  8. List your marital status: Single, married, divorced, widow or widower.
  9. Have information written down concerning your parents: Mother and father’s full name including your mother’s maiden name. Where your mother and father are employed.
  10. List the following information in case of emergency: Who should be notified and what is their relationship to you (mother, father, wife, friend, etc.). What is the person’s address and phone numbers, including work and home phone numbers, with area codes. It is wise to have more than one person listed in case of emergency.
  11. List the position you applied for.
  12. List whether you want to work part-time or full-time, nights or days,
    weekends or weekdays, permanent or temporary.
  13. If you have a valid driver’s license make sure you have the number or a
    photocopy with you. Also, make sure you know what state it is valid in.
  14. Summarize in 2 to 4 sentences why you should be hired. Make sure the
    spelling, syntax, and punctuation is correct.
  15. List your activities, interests, honors, achievements, and awards.
  16. If you have been in the military, have the following information listed:
    A. The Branch of service you served in.
    B. The date you entered the armed services and the date you exited.
    C. The type of discharge you received.
    D. Your present military status.
    E. The basic duties you were assigned while in the armed services.
    F. The place(s) you were stationed at.
  17. List the names and dates of schools you have attended or are now
    attending including vocational/technical schools, high schools, junior high
    or middle schools, and elementary schools. Include the name and address
    of each educational institution. If you remember your grade point average
    (G.P.A.) from high school or vocational school, include that information. If
    there were any “special” classes you took that might aid in getting the
    job, be sure and list them so you can refer to them during the interview.
  18. If you have attended a community or junior college or a university, be
    sure to have the names, addresses, dates of attendance, programs
    studied and/or completed, degree(s) attained or pursued, and your grade
    point average with you.
  19. If you have received any special training, list the name(s) of the courses
    or training, the date(s) you received the training, and if you received a
    certificate for participating. An example could be: Communication Skills December 11, 1995 Certificate Received. It would be advisable to have copies of certificates received.
  20. List three personal references and three business references. Include full
    names, addresses, and phone numbers for all references. Personal
    references should not be relatives. Make sure you have permission to list
    anyone as a reference.
  21. Include in your fact sheet a list of all places you have been employed, the
    type of business it was, exactly what your job was, the dates of
    employment, the pay rate you were hired at and your pay rate when you
    left. If you list your employment history from first job to last, it will be
    more helpful when filling out your application. If there are any gaps in your employment, list an explanation.