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Ready To Work Program

Ready to WorkPrison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises, PRIDE, has been registered by the Florida Department of Education as a Ready to Work Assessment Center.

The Ready to Work program, funded by the Florida Legislature, was developed to ensure that Florida’s workforce has the competencies necessary to succeed in the competitive marketplace. It focuses on matching employee skill levels to specific job requirements. Program participants are given an initial assessment in four areas. The Ready to Work program provides them with targeted instruction and coursework to improve any deficiencies. When a participant achieves the required scores, a Florida Ready to Work certificate is awarded, recognizing the specific skill levels achieved. Job candidates may present this credential to employers to document that they have achieved mastery of four key skills: Reading for Information, Locating Information, Applied Mathematics, and Workplace Readiness.

  • Participation is open to PRIDE inmate workers within two years of release from DC custody and Transition Program participants in the Tampa Bay area.
  • This credential will certify offenders as employment ready and assist employers in making hiring decisions.